Juegos de Bomberman para Android

Si buscas los mejores juegos de bomberman o similares disponibles en Google Play Store para instalar en tu teléfono móvil, has llegado al lugar adecuado. Sabemos que hay cientos de juegos de este estilo, pero no te preocupes ya que hemos reunido lo mejor de lo mejor, abarcando varias categorías diferentes dentro de este estilo.

10 Juegos Android que debes jugar si te gustan los juegos de bomberman

Los juegos de bomberman para android te ofrecen innumerables horas de entretenimiento y diversión. Hemos probado estos juegos incluídos dentro de la categoría de arcade y hemos comprobado el precio de los mismos. Es posible que algunos de ellos sean gratis en Google Play Store, pero a veces es necesario realizar una compra dentro de la aplicación para obtener el verdadero beneficio, así que es mejor asegurarse antes de su descarga.

1 The Bomber

The Bomber

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| Fecha Publicación: 2015-04-06| Género: Arcade | Desarrollador: Xnetcom64 |

The classic arcade Game!!! This game is a tribute to the original NES game Bomberman 45 levels and 10 differents enemies.

The game adapts to your mobile or tablet, the zoom and the size and position of the controls the game runs great in the mostly of devices!!

2 A Game of Bombs

A Game of Bombs

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| Fecha Publicación: 2013-08-30| Género: Juegos | Desarrollador: Ralf Zimmer |

You have been captured inside a deep dungeon - but with the help of a magical fairy and plenty of BOMBS you can escape! Select a hero and fight your way through an exciting campaign.

Use all of your skills to kill the epic bosses at the end of every one of the four chapters.

A mixture between logic, strategy and action make for an unforgettable adventure! Face up to four human opponents in epic bomb throwing frenzy in the online multiplayer mode.

Compete for Power Ups to get an edge over your opponents and blast them to pieces! Inspired by the classic Bomberman this game features neat 16-bit style retro graphics, an original soundtrack and nostalgic sound effects.

Do you have played the classic games like Bomberman, Bomberman Live, Mega Bomberman, Atomic Bomberman, Bomberman Online, DynaBlaster, Dynamite, Labyrinth oder Megaman, then you will love A Game of Bombs.

By touching the hero or the bomb symbol at the bottom right of the screen you can drop bombs.

You have to explode crates and kill the monsters to get to the exit.

But the exit is not always visible and some monsters will follow you inexorable.

Reaching the exit very quickly and killing all of the monsters with as little bombs as possible will raise your score and earn you up to three stars per mission.

For special performances you will get achievements at the GameCenter, which you can share via Facebook or Twitter! Features: - 8-bit style retro-graphics - Competitive online multiplayer mode - Story driven single-player campaign with 24 levels - 4 Unique Boss Fights - Various types of monsters - 4 different sceneries - Power Ups (Extra life, Power up, Invisibility, Teleport, Shield, Speed Up, Extra Bombs) - Original Soundtrack - Touch-Controls or classic controller

3 Bomb Man Adventure

Bomb Man Adventure

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| Fecha Publicación: 2019-11-14| Género: Acción | Desarrollador: ZIROTEK Corp. |

[Story] A white Bomb Man is framed for terrible crimes by black Bomb Man.

After being accused of robbing a bank, white Bomb Man is thrown in jail.

His mission is to escape his prison cell and bring black Bomb Man to justice.

[Game Play] Gameplay involves strategically placing down bombs, which explode in multiple directions after a certain amount of time, in order to destroy obstacles and kill enemies.

The player can pick up various power-ups, giving them benefits such as larger explosions or the ability to place more bombs down at a time.

The player is killed if they touch an enemy or get caught up in a bomb's explosion, requiring players to be cautious of their own bomb placement.

The player needs to kill all enemies, find the escape door, and enter to complete the level.

After the escape door appears, if the door touches the bomb’s explosion, four additional enemies will appear each time.

[Controls] Bomb Button: Drop Bombs Detonator Button: Detonate Bombs(when you have a Detonator) Joystick/D-Pad: Move Bomb Man * You can select D-Pad or Joystick and adjust the size in the setting screen [Power-ups] Flame: Increases the width of your bomb's explosions.

Detonator: Bombs will explode only when you press the Detonator button.

Bomb Increaser: Increases the number of bombs you can have on screen by one.

Key: Makes your next area a Bonus Stage.

Bomb Man: Gives Bomb Man an extra life.

Mark: Gives you 8000 points or makes Bomb Man invincible for 15 seconds.

Skate: Makes Bomb Man move faster.

Shield: Makes Bomb Man invulnerable to bomb blasts and enemies for 15 seconds.

Brick Walkthrough: Allows Bomb Man to move through bricks.

Bomb Walkthrough: Allows Bomb Man to walk through bombs.

[Enemies] Orange Balloon: Looks like a balloon.

They move fairly slow and straight, turning occasionally.

Blue Worm: Looks like a bouncing blob.

They're not that fast, move straight and turn occasionally.

They move through bricks.

Green Squid: They are not that fast, move straight and turn occasionally.

White Ghost: Looks like a ghost.

They move slowly and very sporadically.

They can move through bricks and teleport from time to time to time.

Orange Bear: Looks like a mask with white triangles on each side.

They're not that fast, move straight and turn occasionally.

They will follow you if you get too close.

Blue Pterosaur: Looks like a little flying dragon.

They move slowly and always follow you.

They can move through bricks.

Orange Coin: Looks like a spinning coin.

They move kind of fast, straight and turn occasionally.

Orange Fox: Looks like a bouncing ball with hair.

They move slow and straight, turning occasionally.

Green Mop: Looks like a mop.

They're not too fast, move straight and turn occasionally.

Green Frog: Looks like a deranged frog.

They move slow and sporadically.

Blue Circle: Looks like a circle.

They're not that fast and move sporadically.

They can move through bricks.

Green Jaw: Looks like fake teeth and jaw.

They move fast and straight, turning occasionally.

Will follow you if you get too close.

Blue Mountain: Looks like a rounded mountain peek.

They move fast and sporadically.

Green Bomb Frog: Looks like a frog.

They move kind of fast, straight and turn occasionally.

They turns into bombs and explode periodically.

Blue Top: Looks like a spinning top.

They move fast, straight and turn occasionally.

White Mask: Looks like a ghost with a green mask over its eyes.

They move slowly and sporadically.

Speeds up and chases you if you get too close.

Download now and enjoy!



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| Fecha Publicación: 2018-04-14| Género: Arcade | Desarrollador: deve-apps |

Bomber classic arcade game and famous for your smartphone.

Bomb Bomberman game, An super exciting action & strategy game for your android device.

Play as bomberman to drop bombs trapping your opponent, the eponymous person, Bomberman, is a robot that must discover his way via a maze whilst averting enemies.

Doors leading to further maze rooms are observed below rocks, which Bomberman must ruin with bombs.

The wellknown goal at some stage in the series is to complete the levels by strategically putting bombs so that you can kill enemies and break boundaries.

Doors leading to further maze rooms are located under rocks, which Bomber ought to ruin with bombs.

To do that, in each degree, you should ruin the opponents and locate the exit door.

Strategically region extraordinary bombs to position fighters in a trap or destroy many limitations.

The exit door is hidden under the brick, so that you must vicinity bombs to spoil the brick to locate this.

Bomber will flip human whilst he escapes and reaches the floor.

Each recreation has 50 ranges in overall.

The unique home computer video games are more primary and feature a few specific regulations.

How to play: - Use the navigation controls to move.

- Put the bomb front of the enemy and wait...

- Tap the bomber button on the screen to plant a bomb.

Try this New Bomber Classic Game with Bomber mode and enjoy! Have fun, rate us and leave a comment.

5 Bomberman classic

Bomberman classic

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| Fecha Publicación: 2014-04-23| Género: Arcade | Desarrollador: Universal Games LLC |

"BomberMan classic" is one of the most classic N.E.S game, and currently he is perfectly ported to the android.

This game is so easy to play, and people will never be bored.

How to play: Players must use bombs to destroy the enemies, and burst bricks or obstacles, collect a variety of treasures to enhance the capabilities, such as time bombs, skates and so on.

When you kill all the enemies,you should burst the BRICKS and find the DOOR,then you’ll level up.

So wonderful, don’t miss it!

6 Dig Out!

Dig Out!

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| Fecha Publicación: 2018-05-05| Género: Ejercicio cerebral y puzzles | Desarrollador: ZiMAD |

¡Las minas no se van a picar solas! ¡Coge un pico, un par de mudas limpias y ponte a picar! ¡Excava la mina tanto como puedas para recoge gemas y tesoros brillantes! Tienes un número limitado de movimientos hasta que se te rompa el pico.

¿Podrás superar la mejor puntuación de tus amigos ¡Vamos a verlo! ¡Hey, espera! Excava con cuidado, porque las ROCAS COLGANTES pueden aplastar a tu pequeño minero.

¡Ten cuidado también con los terribles MONSTRUOS subterráneos! Utiliza tus trampas y armas para eliminarlos o, si no, acabarán contigo.

¡Recorre a toda prisa interminables minas y caminos de rocas subterráneos y conviértete en el mejor cazatesoros! Envíanos un correo a [email protected] si tienes cualquier problema, pregunta o comentario que hacernos.

¡Nos encantaría tener noticias tuyas!

7 Dynamite Man - the TNT master bomber

Dynamite Man - the TNT master bomber

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| Fecha Publicación: 2021-07-08| Género: Ejercicio cerebral y puzzles | Desarrollador: el grande games |

Thereby you get also different dynamite variants available and have the opportunity to set the "timer" of the bombs around even the most difficult Passages to be mastered partly by chain reaction! Learn from mistakes, improve your abilities, increase your perception and become the best blasting master in the world!

8 Panda Bomber - 3D Dark Lands

Panda Bomber - 3D Dark Lands

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| Fecha Publicación: 2016-03-07| Género: Juegos | Desarrollador: |

Panda Bomber in Dark Lands is loose followup to Hero Panda Bomber.

Our hero Panda is plunged into a labyrinth like castle, and his task is to vanquish the darkness by lighting the torches of destiny on each floor and defeat the evil Emperor Yak who's been corrupted by the darkness.

It's super-addictive and challenging suited for everyone from small children to gaming veterans who like classic bombing fun.

So, what are you waiting for Are you ready to take on the bombing explosion challenge If yes, download Panda Bomber right now and go on a bombing and explosion spree! Fan of Hero Panda Join our community here: _____________________________________________ By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms of service -

9 Sci-Fighters


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| Fecha Publicación: 2014-09-20| Género: Acción | Desarrollador: Headup Games |

*** Multiplayer action for your Amazon Fire TV - playable with up to 4 players *** Designed by FlukeDuke - the creator of "The Impossible Game" - comes a fast-paced actiongame playable with two players on one device! The games idea is as simple a addicting: You and 3 opponents are set in an arena which is haunted by a monster.

Each player tries to be the last man standing using classical 2d-gameplay mechanics.

By using different weapons like flash grenades, a monster potion (turning you into a monster), an ice-rifle or even an automatic laser you are fighting for your life over and over again.

Sci-Fighters presents itself in a comic-like 2d-style using different settings like “Martian Mansion” or “Toxic Forest”.

The game draws lovely animated characters and wonderful sceneries and background on the screen, designed by SuperFlashBros-genius Adam Vian.

10 Zombie Bombie

Zombie Bombie

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| Fecha Publicación: 2015-10-09| Género: Arcade | Desarrollador: SKYNET SYSTEM |

Discover Zombie Bombie.

In this game, you will be an adventurer like some kind of Jones pursued by evil creatures (zombies, ghosts, snakes, etc.).

In order to survive, throw bombs and missiles at your enemies before they kill you! Either play solo or multiplayer.

You decide! If you choose the multiplayer mode, your outcome is linked to your team mate, so if your team mate dies, so do you.

You will be in charge of blasting your enemies, while gaining bonuses at the same time and protecting your team mate against being killed.

The game is free and ultra addictive!

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