Juegos de Snes para Android

Si buscas los mejores juegos de snes o similares disponibles en Google Play Store para instalar en tu teléfono móvil, has llegado al lugar adecuado. Sabemos que hay cientos de juegos de este estilo, pero no te preocupes ya que hemos reunido lo mejor de lo mejor, abarcando varias categorías diferentes dentro de este estilo.

10 Juegos Android que debes jugar si te gustan los juegos de snes

Los juegos de snes para android te ofrecen innumerables horas de entretenimiento y diversión. Hemos probado estos juegos incluídos dentro de la categoría de arcade y hemos comprobado el precio de los mismos. Es posible que algunos de ellos sean gratis en Google Play Store, pero a veces es necesario realizar una compra dentro de la aplicación para obtener el verdadero beneficio, así que es mejor asegurarse antes de su descarga.

1 Super Steve World

Super Steve World

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| Fecha Publicación: 2017-09-24| Género: Arcade | Desarrollador: PowerSlash studios |

In this epic platform game, Steve will face many monsters and obstacles along the way, collect power ups and destroy monsters more easily! Collect coins and find hidden lives and stars in secret places to earn extra lives.

Try to be Leaderboard leaderboards first and challenge your friends.

[CHARACTERISTICS] - Fun and addictive platform game with 8-pixel and 16-bit 2D graphics (classic retro style).

- Music and sound effects in the retro style of 8 bits.

- System of better score and better time in Leaderboard.

Steve's World - Adventure is an incredible game for the whole family, if you like classic games in the retro style you will love this one!

2 Bird Quest - Adventure Flappy

Bird Quest - Adventure Flappy

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| Fecha Publicación: 2017-12-28| Género: Arcade | Desarrollador: PowerSlash studios |

In Bird Quest you must dodge obstacles and monsters by collecting coins, stars and diamonds, grab everything to get more points and buy new legendary birds! Make the best score and challenge your friends on Leaderboard scores! [HOW TO PLAY] - Touch the screen to make the bird fly without falling on the ground.

[CHARACTERISTICS] - Fun and addictive phase punctuation game with 2D pixel graphics (classic retro style).

- Leaderboard best score system.

3 Bomb Man Adventure

Bomb Man Adventure

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| Fecha Publicación: 2019-11-14| Género: Acción | Desarrollador: ZIROTEK Corp. |

[Story] A white Bomb Man is framed for terrible crimes by black Bomb Man.

After being accused of robbing a bank, white Bomb Man is thrown in jail.

His mission is to escape his prison cell and bring black Bomb Man to justice.

[Game Play] Gameplay involves strategically placing down bombs, which explode in multiple directions after a certain amount of time, in order to destroy obstacles and kill enemies.

The player can pick up various power-ups, giving them benefits such as larger explosions or the ability to place more bombs down at a time.

The player is killed if they touch an enemy or get caught up in a bomb's explosion, requiring players to be cautious of their own bomb placement.

The player needs to kill all enemies, find the escape door, and enter to complete the level.

After the escape door appears, if the door touches the bomb’s explosion, four additional enemies will appear each time.

[Controls] Bomb Button: Drop Bombs Detonator Button: Detonate Bombs(when you have a Detonator) Joystick/D-Pad: Move Bomb Man * You can select D-Pad or Joystick and adjust the size in the setting screen [Power-ups] Flame: Increases the width of your bomb's explosions.

Detonator: Bombs will explode only when you press the Detonator button.

Bomb Increaser: Increases the number of bombs you can have on screen by one.

Key: Makes your next area a Bonus Stage.

Bomb Man: Gives Bomb Man an extra life.

Mark: Gives you 8000 points or makes Bomb Man invincible for 15 seconds.

Skate: Makes Bomb Man move faster.

Shield: Makes Bomb Man invulnerable to bomb blasts and enemies for 15 seconds.

Brick Walkthrough: Allows Bomb Man to move through bricks.

Bomb Walkthrough: Allows Bomb Man to walk through bombs.

[Enemies] Orange Balloon: Looks like a balloon.

They move fairly slow and straight, turning occasionally.

Blue Worm: Looks like a bouncing blob.

They're not that fast, move straight and turn occasionally.

They move through bricks.

Green Squid: They are not that fast, move straight and turn occasionally.

White Ghost: Looks like a ghost.

They move slowly and very sporadically.

They can move through bricks and teleport from time to time to time.

Orange Bear: Looks like a mask with white triangles on each side.

They're not that fast, move straight and turn occasionally.

They will follow you if you get too close.

Blue Pterosaur: Looks like a little flying dragon.

They move slowly and always follow you.

They can move through bricks.

Orange Coin: Looks like a spinning coin.

They move kind of fast, straight and turn occasionally.

Orange Fox: Looks like a bouncing ball with hair.

They move slow and straight, turning occasionally.

Green Mop: Looks like a mop.

They're not too fast, move straight and turn occasionally.

Green Frog: Looks like a deranged frog.

They move slow and sporadically.

Blue Circle: Looks like a circle.

They're not that fast and move sporadically.

They can move through bricks.

Green Jaw: Looks like fake teeth and jaw.

They move fast and straight, turning occasionally.

Will follow you if you get too close.

Blue Mountain: Looks like a rounded mountain peek.

They move fast and sporadically.

Green Bomb Frog: Looks like a frog.

They move kind of fast, straight and turn occasionally.

They turns into bombs and explode periodically.

Blue Top: Looks like a spinning top.

They move fast, straight and turn occasionally.

White Mask: Looks like a ghost with a green mask over its eyes.

They move slowly and sporadically.

Speeds up and chases you if you get too close.

Download now and enjoy!

4 Micro Machines Playtronic - Free

Micro Machines Playtronic - Free

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| Fecha Publicación: 2018-03-10| Género: Carreras | Desarrollador: Playtronic |

Micro Machines Playtronic is a racing Android Game themed around RC Cars, players race in miniaturised toy vehicles around various environments.

5 Name That Game

Name That Game

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| Fecha Publicación: 2015-11-06| Género: Trivial | Desarrollador: 8-bit Orchestra |

Do you love video games Of course you do! But how well do you know your video game music Listen to short music clips from hundreds of classic video games, spanning across several different systems.

Guess which video game it is and set the high score.

Discover new music and video games and rediscover your old favorites.

New music and games added weekly.

Video games have some of the most iconic music of any medium.

Listening to just a few notes of a song can bring us back to the time we first played that game.

Test your listening skills and enjoy excellent music from classic video games.

EXCITING GAME MODES ? WINNING STREAK: Guess as many songs as you can in a row to set the high score.

? 2-MINUTE RUSH: You have 2 minutes to guess as many tracks as possible.

Win points for correct answers, but lose points for wrong ones.

? 20-TRACK TRIP: Can you identify all 20 randomly selected tracks GREAT FEATURES ? More than 1,000 different clips! ? Hundreds of different games ? 3 exciting game modes! ? 4 different video game systems! ? Detailed performance statistics! ? Leaderboards for every combination of game mode and system ? Set high scores and compare your scores with your friends! ? Learn more about each video game! ? Content updated regularly! ---------- Stay connected with Name That Game!

6 Penguins On Ice

Penguins On Ice

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| Fecha Publicación: 2020-10-11| Género: Arcade | Desarrollador: Banana Bob Studios |

In Penguins on Ice you play as a penguin that (more or less voluntarily) slides down an iceberg and cannot slow down.

Avoid obstacles along the way to safely guide the penguin to the bottom.

It's your choice, whether you want to overcome obstacles by jumping or evading them - but be aware, not all of them behave as one would expect on first sight ;) Try to beat our 5 levels with increasing difficulty or compete with other players in the online leaderboard.

Can you claim the top spot You can control the penguin via touch-gestures on smart phones or tablets, or via remote control and game controller on Android-TV.

Enjoy! :)

7 Sigi - Un pedo para Melusina

Sigi - Un pedo para Melusina

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| Fecha Publicación: 2020-09-18| Género: Acción | Desarrollador: |

Una jugabilidad muy concisa y unos maravillosos gráficos en pixeles grandes hacen de Sigi una alegre aventura en 8-bit.

Únete al Caballero Sigi en su flatulenta misión mientras corre, salta y lucha para salvar a Melusina, ¡el amor de su vida! Derrota a hordas de enemigos bobos y jefes locos.

¡Gana riqueza, encuentra artefactos sagrados que han estado perdidos por mucho tiempo y llega hasta la cima del Monte Maloliente!

8 Super Blast Heroes - Action Platform Game

Super Blast Heroes - Action Platform Game

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| Fecha Publicación: 2016-08-01| Género: Arcade | Desarrollador: Glass Frog Games |

Super Blast heroes is part action shooter, part puzzle platformer, all rapped up in retro inspired gameplay.

Battle your way though the mega alien spaceship, avoiding spikes and lasers while shooting your way though hoards of enemy robots along the way to save man kind.

Super Blast Heroes combines old school 8-bit pixel graphics with modern crisp vector curves to create its unique visuals.

HOW TO PLAY To complete each level you most collect all the battery cores to power to exit door so you can make your escape to the next stage.

Speed run the levels to see you can set a new time record or plan your progress carefully as to lose no lives and achieve gold.

There is no random, endless maps just pure level based 2D action platformer fun! Super Blast Heroes is totally free with no coins or In-App purchases.

This is the full app.


9 Super Flight

Super Flight

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| Fecha Publicación: 2018-05-19| Género: Arcade | Desarrollador: PowerSlash studios |

SUPER FLIGHT It is a game where you collect coins, diamonds and power- ups .

POWERS Collect power -ups to help you avoid the enemies and obstacles along the way .

SCORE Challenge your friends on leaderboards and be the first in the standings ! SPEED The more coins and diamonds you collect the faster you'll fly!

10 Tennis Ball Juggling Super Tap - by Cobalt Play Games

Tennis Ball Juggling Super Tap - by Cobalt Play Games

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| Fecha Publicación: 2014-02-10| Género: Acción | Desarrollador: Cobalt Play |

DOWNLOAD IT TODAY FOR FREE - Tennis Ball Juggling Super Tap One of the most simple and addictive games on Android.

Juggle the tennis ball for as long as possible.

Become the top tennis juggler !! FEATURES - Very addictive and simple game play.

- Save your top juggle score and number of misses.

- Great super NES style graphics.

- Cute and catchy music.

WHAT PLAYERS ARE SAYING "It's a little hard to juggle at first but after you get the hang of it, its super fun.

really, download it peeps" - mom gamer - Feb 2 2014 "love the style, love the game, super fun" - brave buck - Feb 2 2014 Players who love one tap addictive games like flappy bird with love this game too.

Show your support by rating Tennis Ball Juggling Super Tap today.

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